Fact, Fiction, or Something in Between.

As parent leaders engage in this democracy and work toward creating positive change and outcomes in their communities for children, it is critical to discern what is fact, fiction or subjective interpretation in the news we read, hear and experience.  “What is truth?” This question has been asked for centuries by philosophers, leaders and every day people. The lens of truth is not always as clear as we would hope. We want to trust that what we read and hear online, on television and the radio is 100% factual – truth. However, this is not always the case. We are often left to our own devices to determine what is truth, what is real, what is fact.  Unless you are a firsthand witness or experiencing something yourself, it becomes quite challenging to decipher fact from fiction, literal from interpretation.

But, we must. We must know what the truth is so that we can make well informed decisions.  

We understand that getting to the truth is not always easy. So, we are providing resources to help you polish your lens of truth to better determine and interpret what you read and hear.   We offer these resources to encourage and support you as partners in this work. 

In community,

Donna Thompson-Bennett, NPLI Executive Director

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