The Parent Leadership Training Institute parent leaders refine their civic and leadership skills, equipping themselves to lead change in their communities.  They partner with the national team to help influence the systems in their communities toward more effective partnership with families. NPLI’s System Capacity focus builds space and practices for fruitful collaboration between families and the systems and organizations that serve their communities.

Building partnership with parents establishes a foundation for meaningful collective change. We think of this partnership as an investment of time and effort to co-create an equity-focused space where we can all do our best work together. It requires us to really see our partners: their needs, their assets, and their desires for change. To this end, the National Parent Leadership Institute works in collaboration with families and systems to help shift practice toward effective partnership and changemaking.

This work includes:

  • Building transparent evaluation systems- involving families in measurement work, and in helping shape effective practice and redesign efforts
  • Process improvement work in partnership with families and their community systems
  • Seats at the Table- connecting parent leaders with decision-making tables in community where their voices are most needed
  • Networking systems- building bridges between funders, agencies, and families, to bolster collaboration, learning, and change efforts.

Building system capacity for engaging parent leadership is key to developing stronger, more equitable communities where families are at the very center of decision-making.