Welcome PLTI Parent Leaders:

This is a specially designed area to serve as a way to help continue support your parent leadership. You’ll be able to share information about your community project and your expertise, and to connect with other parent leaders across the country to learn from them.

You can begin by creating your directory profile, where you can share information about your work, your community project, and anything else you’d like to share. You can also use the Search bar to enter keywords to connect you to other parent leaders in our network. You can send messages to connect– find someone who is an expert or is leading a project in your field of interest, and you can request to speak or email with them for an exchange of resources and ideas!

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You can also submit a testimonial to this website to share your experience with PLTI!

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You can find resources to support your ongoing advocacy work in our Alumni Resource Library. Here, we have resources on Race Equity work, data and evaluation on PLTI, and resources for fundraising, mentorship, and many other topics!

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If you would like to submit resources to share with the community, or have any questions about this platform, please submit to: