What are people saying about PLTI and NPLI?

"PLTI didn't just give me space to grow, and allowed me to leave room for others to grow around me so that they could support me and visa versa because as parents we are powerful and connected. "

Ricardo Adams, Rochester NY

Parent Leader

"PLTI helped me to unleash my inner parent advocate! Parent voice matters and communities better meet the needs of families when they listen to the voices of parent leaders. PLTI helped to instill confidence within me… I know I can make a difference! "

Erick Stephens, Rochester NY

Parent Leader

“PLTI has allowed me to grow as a parent, visionary leader, and a community resident, it allowed me to interact with other residents in the community that I would never have interaction with, it gave me a voice that was often times hidden"

Taritha David-Hill, Providence Rhode Island

Parent Leader

"Anyone who says that they’re committed to helping families and uplifting our communitites should sponsor PLTI and bring it to our towns."  

Alycia Williams, Stockton California

Parent Leader

"The beauty of the program is that it sees what’s already there and builds on it…. PLTI sees that parents by the sheer definition of the word, are leaders."  

Ryea' O'Neill , Casper Wyoming

Parent Leader

"You’re [legislators] always looking for the voice of the community…. PLTI is bringing that voice to them."  

Cynthia Okazaki, Hawaii

Site Coordinator

"Every individual is a change agent we just don’t know it.  PLTI provides that confidence and skill."  

Isabel Escobar, Providence Rhode Island

Past Site Coordinator

"PLTI is probably one of the most important investments of your time to make, to make a difference, not only for you children if you have…. And for the children of where you live at."  

Francoise Cham, Miami Florida

Parent Leader, Facilitator

"It’s a benefit to the world…if you want to help a community from the outside you cannot do it without working from the inside."  

Mischell Davis, New Orleans Louisiana

Parent Leader, CLTI teacher

"It will be the most challenging, most rewarding, and most life changing twenty weeks you’ll ever experience."  

Jennilynne Coley, Denver Colorado

Parent Leader

"It takes a village to raise a child, we are that community and we have to come together period....the first day of class, it changes everything, you’re able to really see why you’re here."  

Lenesha Anderson, Vallejo California

Parent Leader

"What I love about PLTI, It’s not just a class, it’s a family.  You literally inherit a family…. A family of people like minded love kids love people all different walks of life all different experience I think I coined PLTI as a foundation of resilience."  

Jini Figueroa, Rochester New York

Parent Leader

“We strive now to create true dialogue with families, listening before we speak, asking before we answer and thinking about the problem – whatever it may be – before we go straight to a solution because the expertise no longer lies within the organization but in cultivating and equipping the parent leaders and advocates already present in our school community.”  

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