What makes a Parent Leadership Training Institute “Ready” Community?

You may have explored our website, heard from a parent or been encouraged by a partner and arrived at the point of wanting to implement the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) in your community.  After years of implementing and sustaining PLTI  in various locations over the past 25 years, we have a pretty good idea of what community readiness looks like.  We have received countless requests for PLTI engagement from various sites and states: some are PLTI-ready and some are not.

You might be wondering, “Is my community ready?”
A PLTI-ready community:

  • Seeks to have parent engagement, but may not know how;
  • Is willing to work outside of a single issue area;
  • Is not zealous to move a particular agenda or law;
  • Is able to and seeks to work across policy and program areas;
  • Is willing to begin to think about civics rather than just services for families;
  • Is able to work with a diverse group of stakeholders that represent the demographics of the region;
  • Is willing to share leadership across community and agency. This does not have to be led by and for just one agency;
  • Is willing to create a civic design team that brings in civic messengers as well as children’s agencies. This might include a fireman, a children’s librarian, the barber, a neighbor as well as civic institutions such as a children’s museum or library.
  • Embrace difference in values and diversity at every level of the system;
  • Can help raise funds with others to pay for the startup;
  • Is willing to take part in a national evaluation and will collect data on each person, pre and post class on civic skills;
  • Will create a process and system that will assist parents in their civic projects;
  • Has a network of people who will guide parent leadership and family civics in the town for children and youth;
  • Will work with parents as partners after they graduate;
  • Understands that work will need to be done to ensure local systems are ready to engage parents as leaders post-PLTI; and
  • Works systemically, rather than agency by agency

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