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1 day ago
Friends of Stamford PLTI

Now, more than ever, parent leadership and Civic engagement are needed to meet the needs of our communities. NPLI is so happy to see PLTI virtual sessions continue in communities where it's possible ... See more

COVID-19 hasn't stopped this year's PLTI parent leaders. Tonight's class was the "Power of the Media" with guest speaker John Breunig from the Stamford Advocate.

2 days ago

"This is a time to reach for our oxygen mask as parents. It's really easy for that to go out the window now. You were full time working and now you are full time working and full time parenting. Have ... See more

2 days ago
Parent Leadership Training Institute KC

Great advice from PLTI Kansas City Graduate and Homeschooling mom Tonya Blythe.

Check out this great advice from PLTI-KC Alumna, Tonya Blythe, for all of us now homeschooling. She reminds us that "what’s best for another family may not be best for yours." ... See more

4 days ago
A Message from your NPLI Team

A message from your NPLI team during this period of Social Distancing. #Breathe #BeAntiracist #CivicEngagement #Connect #Educate

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