Within the PLTI experience, parent leaders connect with other community leaders, identify resources and needs in the community, problem solve on current issues, and bring parent voice to tables where decisions impacting children, families, and communities are being made.

This is the work that continues for parent leaders as alumni.  A few highlights of work being led by alumni: 

Sharing tools of analyzing the school budget with other parents

PLTI parent leaders Toyin Anderson (NY) and Leo Callejas (CA) joined the UPLAN convening in Alexandria, VA and Washington, D.C. in March 2020.  The parent leader team presented a workshop on parent advocacy in the school budget process.

Bringing the voice of parent leaders to State legislators in Colorado

 Colorado Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) family leaders gather annually at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver to get a first-hand look at the legislative process and how state government works. FLTI participants learned about current policy priorities and have the opportunity to meet their elected representatives and senators to advocate for policies that are responsive to the needs of children, youth, and families.

Supporting access to early childhood

Ruben Hamm, 2017 graduate of Broward PLTI in Florida, serves on the Advisory Board of the Community for Quality Early Learning and Literacy, also known as C-Quell. C-Quell is a unique initiative that highlights the fundamental role of early childhood programs in promoting quality of life, well-being, economic growth and sustainable development of communities. The City of Sunrise (FL) and Family Central, Inc., joined together to implement this groundbreaking initiative that was made possible by a major grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation.

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