As we reflect on 2019, we recognize the gains, big and small, accomplishing our goals to carry out the vision of NPLI. We listened to the voices and insights of parent leaders, including young adult parents as they shared the unique circumstances affecting Generation Z.  We intensified our system capacity building with public-private partnerships with human services agencies, schools, and government agencies.  Our racial justice commitments continued to flourish as our Census 2020 and Election 2020 awareness campaigns were co-created and developed in collaboration with parent leaders and partners nationwide. 
As we turn the page of 2019, we move into a new year and new decade, with a sharpened focus and a clear vision for 2020. The NPLI Board and Team have worked to develop a strategic plan that positions us to protect and expand parent leadership and civic engagement to promote child well-being, equity and a healthy democracy.
We welcome this new year and new decade and the opportunities that they bring. Our vision and path forward are clear, now more than ever.
We want to connect.
We want to partner.
We want to explore all that is to come and build with you.
We are better together.
We look forward to 2020 with gratitude and hope, knowing that we, together with you, can be the change we want to see. 

We see you. We celebrate you. We honor you.

In community,
The National Parent Leadership Institute Board of Directors
Elaine Zimmerman, Nadine Lund, Alan Kerzin, Olga Brown, Wendy Haller, Sandra Gutierrez and Kwesi Rollins
The National Parent Leadership Institute Team
Donna Thompson-Bennett, Carolyn Lee-Davis, Patti Keckeisen, Zulema Gomez, Jennifer Ghidiu, and Melvette Hill