National Parent Leadership Institute Webinar:
Getting Ready for Legislative Session

The majority of state legislatures start session in the months of January and February. Many times, due to the life complexities and competing priorities, parent and family leaders hear about issues or public hearings late into legislative session and scramble to rally support or inform their communities about critical issues facing their children.  Conversely, there are others who are very aware of these issues and want to participate in the public policy process early on.  This webinar is designed to inform and inspire you as you prepare for the upcoming legislative session. We shared how to engage state legislators on policy issues concerning children and families, how to continue advocacy and civic engagement in the current political climate and how to tap into resources available. Webinar presenters: Parent Leader Jacqueline Jamilah Jackson, Exec. Director of the CT Commission on Women, Children and Seniors and CT PLTI State Coordinator/NPLI Communications Specialist Melvette Hill.

Slide Presentation

Webinar Replay: