TOPIC – Reframing “Hard to Reach”: Lessons Learned from Meeting Parents Where They Are

Hosted by Connecticut State Department of Education, join parents and professionals for a conversation about moving from a deficit model of “hard to reach” parents to a model that values families’ assets and builds trust.

Guest Speakers: Patti Keckeisen and Donna Thompson-Bennett, Co-Directors of the National Parent Leadership Institute

Date: November 3, 8:30-10:30 a.m.

Location: Beardsley Zoo, Carousel Room, 1875 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport


Please note: The session will be photographed and videotaped for posting online.

What: Friday CAFE is a morning discussion and networking series for people like you who work at the intersection of families and learning. Our monthly gatherings feature a short talk, fresh coffee and thought-provoking conversation.

Who: Our network members go by many different titles. Some work in schools, some in communities. Are you a parent liaison, partnership coordinator, home-school facilitator, family resource specialist, parent center director or parent leader? Then this network is for you.

Questions? For more information contact Judy Carson at or 860-807-2122.

Sponsored by a collaboration of CSDE, CREC, SERC/PIRC and our Advisory Group.