The Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) was created by the Connecticut Commission on Children (now the Connecticut Commission on Women, Children and Seniors) as a result of listening to the needs of families in Connecticut. The Commission launched an outreach effort to listen to the views of nontraditional stakeholders on children’s issues for a comprehensive school readiness initiative. Through this outreach effort, it was discovered that parents felt their voices weren’t being heard and that they lacked the advocacy skills necessary to make changes in the lives of their children. From this, the PLTI was born.
The Commission on Women, Children and Seniors (CWCS) is a non-partisan arm of the Connecticut General Assembly. As staff to the legislature, the CWCS researches best practices, coordinates stakeholders, and promotes public policies that are in the best interest of Connecticut’s underserved and underrepresented women, children and older adults.

The agency recognizes that the experiences and needs of each population, while interconnected, are unique and may require individual public policy action. Therefore, the commission’s legislative priority areas for children are meant to:

  • Empower families and community leaders to be change agents on behalf of children;
  • Remove the economic and academic obstacles that prevent children and their families from reaching their full potential; and
  • Promote the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of children.

The partnership between CWCS and NPLI continues to facilitate parent leadership training and opportunities to engage for Parent Leaders across the country.


The National Parent Leadership Institutes values collaboration and the collective efforts of like-minded organizations that embrace Parent Leadership as democracy in action and a catalytic movement for empowerment and positive change in the lives of children and their families.

United Parent Leaders Action Network

The United Parent Leadership Network (UPLAN) is a valuable resource that allows parent leaders from all across the country to come together and work on different issues that affect our families and communities.

Toyin Anderson, PLTI Alum, is a member of the UPLAN Governing Council. UPLAN is a natural ”next step” for most Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) Alumni allowing for broader community and civic engagement. Click on the link to explore their website. If you decide you want to be an active member of UPLAN, individuals can sign up here:

and organizations can sign up here:


The Beginnings of UPLAN
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