We are delighted to have facilitated a workshop at the Institute for Educational Leadership’s 2017 National Family and Community Engagement Conference “Engaging Families: Transformational Moments, Sustainable Practices” in San Francisco, CA this year, June 22-June 24th

NPLI Workshop –  What Happens When Parents Lead: Civic Engagement and Systems Change


Donna Thompson-Bennett, Co-Director, National Parent Leadership Institute (NPLI)

Patti Keckeisen, Co-Director, NPLI

Zulema Gomez, Parent Leader Coordinator, NPLI

Aaron Lequia, Parent Leader, Parent Leadership Training Institute, Merced, CA

The Fishbowl Panel at IEL Conference,
I hope this finds you well. Here are the materials for our Session What Happens When Parents Lead: Civic Engagement & Systems Change.



We enjoyed connecting with partners and friends from around the country.

Sharing time with our partners from UPLAN.


IEL 2017 Family Engagement Conference